I’ve been on a journey into healing and reconnection, and I've learned a lot along the way. If I can be of help in your process of transformation, I would be honored to walk with you. You are not alone.

Below are offerings for both remote (phone) and in-person support, which can be scheduled on a regular or as-needed basis without expectation or obligation. My approach is rooted in my belief that all people are capable of and entitled to a direct relationship with their creator and their own innate wisdom. 


  • Journeywork and psychedelic integration (varied)

  • Empathetic Witness ($60/hr sliding scale)

  • Creativity Coach ($60/hr sliding scale)

No one turned away for lack of funds. 

Please send me a message to start a conversation

Tina Kat Courtney

Psychedelic integration coach, Ayahuasca practitioner

Jennifer Patterson

Herbalist and breathwork practitioner, Personal experience treating trauma and addiction with Iboga

Dr. Hannah McLane

Physician, psychotherapist, clinician treating trauma with MDMA


If you are called to explore psychedelic medicines and would like some support, I am available to hold space before, during, and after your journey inward. Please send me a message to start a conversation.

Some things I offer:

  • Context and open conversation  

  • Ceremony support

  • Integration support and empathetic witness

  • Grounding for challenging experiences

  • Exploration of message and gifts revealed 

If you would like to hear from some friendly voices who have walked this path before, here are some conversations with psychedelic practitioners and journeyers from the Unbroken Chain podcast:

Megan Baer

Leader of the Native American Church, San Pedro practitioner

Tepahteh “Oso” Hutze

Indigenous Nahuatlacas & Lakota medicine man, Peyote and Tonawari (bufo alvarius/5-me0) practitioner

Arielle Crawford

Ayahuasca practitioner

Chris Rushing

Leader of the Native American Church, Peyote and mushroom practitioner

Sondra Goodwin

Artist with personal experience exploring indigenous medicines including ayahuasca and kambo

Empathetic Witness


So many of us are taught by our parents and culture that our basic human behaviors are shameful. We learn to hide ourselves, distrust the world's ability to receive us, and internalize this programming to become our own in-house trolls. We fear that if others see us just as we are—at times afraid, uncertain, unskillful, or ignorant—we will be outed as unlovable. We do not know that our culture’s values are making us unwell, that we have been denied access to our ancestors, that it is natural to grieve and rage. We may feel like we are slowly going crazy.

If this is resonant: you are not alone, and you are not crazy. It is my honor to create a space where it is safe to explore emotions and practice cultivating secure attachment. I do not diagnose or pathologize. My goal is to provide a kind, non-judgmental presence to help anchor exploration of experience, belief systems, and the internal storytelling that propels our behavior. Together we can shine light on the deep places within. Our wounds are also our gifts, if we allow ourselves to own them.


Some things we could work on:​

  • Hearing yourself think

  • Excavating limiting beliefs and stories

  • Releasing shame

  • Acknowledging and voicing fear, insecurity, doubt, confusion, anger, guilt, etc.

  • Talking about things you haven't been able to share with someone else

  • Creating compassionate, forgiving, humorous internal dialogue

  • Deepening your transparency with your partners, parents, or world at large so that you can experience a cohesive sense of self no matter where you are or who you are with

Creativity Coach

There is abundant beauty and wisdom in every one of us, and so often it is hardest for us to see this power in ourselves. We all come into incarnation with divine gifts, but many times we lose sight of our soul's purpose in the onslaught of social conditioning, family dynamics, and the pressures of capitalism. Too often we silo the concept of “creativity” to a narrow selection of professions when in actuality, each of our lives is a creative act.


It is our healing journey to fall in love with ourselves as creative children once again. Feeling whole and aligned requires that we own our birthright as the embodied expression of the universe’s creativity: creation and creator. It is my greatest pleasure to reflect back to you your highest self as you rediscover play and fulfillment. Our conversations can be an open place for exploration and encouragement, or a more focused workshopping of personal narratives and creative projects.

Some things we could work on:

  • Identify themes, archetypes, and synchronicities that reveal your soul path

  • Exploring fruitful personal narratives from your life

  • Identifying aligned action

  • Moving energetic paralysis, uncertainty, feeling “stuck”

  • Creating rituals for creativity

  • Releasing attachment to outcomes and falling in love with process

  • Speaking dreams aloud, making incantations of manifestation

  • Witnessing yourself with love, forgiveness, and compassion


I met Maura James about a year ago and her guidance has become an unwavering force in my life. She is a talented listener (and reflector!) of life's mysteries and beauties. When she listens and holds space, I get the sense that she isn't anywhere else, which doesn't happen often in these modern overstimulated/distracted times.


What Maura can hold and carry is big and wide, and I trust her with the farthest stretches of my sorrow and joy. Maura listens to even the "smallest" person in the biggest way, and is a graceful, maternal and wise mentor. I trust her with me, I trust her with you. I can't recommend a more loving person to hold the parts of ourselves that we wish weren't there. Maura is love!

 Sarah Knapp, Death Doula & Community Organizer

I highly recommend Maura as a 'doula' who can help you birth your own creation. In her unique intuitive, caring, gentle way she guides and supports you in sharing your vulnerabilities and inner secrets, and stepping into your authenticity. We need each other to be our mirrors and she brought me so gently into sharing my truth. Because she could hear and understand my inner journey, I gained confidence in stepping out in the World.

  Jerusha Keren, Mental Health Nurse & Reincarnation Guide

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